Dream Act: Illegal immigrants could pay less for college

Dream Act:
Illegal immigrants could pay less for college

Reported by: Dee Registre
Email: dregistre@ActionNewsJax.com
Published: 10/14 5:53 pm
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — For freshman Trevor Cheatham, college isn’t cheap. “It’s really expensive. It’s over $10,000 a semester,” he said.

He is one of around 800 students at the University of North Florida who pay three times more for tuition because they are out of state students. But soon illegal immigrants could also pay less for the same education.

“It’s not right if you ask me,” said Cheatham.

A law introduced to the House and Senate would allow illegals to pay the in-state tuition rate if they have attended a Florida high school for at least three years.

“By being here, they are contributing to the local economy,” said Stephen Davis. Stephen is an immigration lawyer, and he says being able to go to college is part of the American dream.

“The law is not saying that they agreed to free tuition. They will just pay what everyone else who lives in the state would pay,” said Davis.

No one knows how many students would benefit from this new law because the state doesn’t track undocumented students.

“If they want to go to college that’s cool. More power to them, but I definitely think they should pay the out of state rate,” said Cheatham.

The law would also require undocumented students to file an affidavit saying they intend to become legal immigrants. If the law passes it goes into effect July 1st.

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